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We protect the sea and its resources

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The sea covers about 70% of our planet. Protecting the environment includes the reduction of pollutants that contaminate the waters and a key issue is the efficient management of accessibility of boats into harbors. This has led us to develop the innovative system BETTY BUOYS.

Our aim is to promote, improve and protect the natural resources through well organized accessibility of coastal areas. The BETTY BUOYS system aids the monitoring of sea traffic and promotes a model of environmental sustainability.

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How does The Betty Buoys

system works?

Very easily…

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01. Sign up

Fill in your personal info and the data of your boat

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02. Search and Book

Select the buoy on the map you would like to moor and find out all the info about the buoys, type of seabed, winds, etc.

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03. Moor

Make the payment and start mooring!


We protect our coasts

With the cutting-edge technology of Betty Buoys, the new access management system, it will be possible to track and manage the flow of sea traffic and monitor the buoys while encouraging the growth of marine life, through a specially designed, eco-friendly mooring sinker.


BETTY the smart Buoy!

Betty Buoys is an integrated system in all its phases; from the installation to the management and monitoring of access to the buoy. It allows greater safety in sea traffic control and above all, protects the sea and its resources.

The technological buoy is easy to reach: equipped with a GPS and a beacon, it’s easily located.


Points of interest

Through the innovative Betty Buoy system, you can view all the tourist info of the area (airports, hospitals, restaurants, bars, etc.) and useful numbers in case of emergency.


soon in the stores!

The project involves the development of a centralized web app, a native APP for iOS and Android, a management on a Cloud computing to make it easy and a number of services that can be scaled out during the development and at later stages, including Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to analyze and manage the data.

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Betty Buoys Intelligence Mooring

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